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Preparing for Surgery

If you are preparing for surgery, there are some critical steps you can take to help ensure the best possible outcome. Read More...

Effects of Anesthesia

Side effects of anesthesia can occur during a surgery or procedure, or afterward when you are recovering and the anesthesia is wearing off. The possible side effects vary, depending on what kind of anesthesia you have: general (sedation provided through inhaled or intravenous - IV - medications), regional (numbing only part of your body, usually below the waist) or local (numbing a small area). While some side effects that occur after surgery may be uncomfortable or frustrating, most don't last long. Read More..

Children and Anesthesia

If your child is scheduled for surgery or a procedure involving anesthesia, you may be anxious about what will happen. Rest assured, a physician anesthesiologist will be there to keep your child safe and comfortable before, during and after the medical procedure. Read More..

Pregnancy and Anesthesia

Bringing a child into the world is hard work...and painful. Fortunately, there are a number of options, from breathing techniques to medications, to manage labor pain so every woman can find what works best for her. Some women need little or no pain relief medication, while others feel it gives them better control and makes labor and delivery a more enjoyable experience. Read More..

Seniors and Anesthesia

The older you are, the more likely it is for you to have surgery for a health condition such as clogged heart arteries or an arthritic knee. So it's no surprise that more than one in 10 people who have surgery are 65 or older. Advanced age can affect the potential for surgery risks (although your medical condition and the type of surgery you are having play the major role). One concern is that the aging brain is more vulnerable to anesthesia, which prevents you from feeling pain during surgery. Two anesthesia-related surgery risks particularly in older people are: Read More..

Surgery Risks

To read up on more surgery risks, visit the ASA site


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